Going Green…

Hills Wedding Estate, located amongst the rolling hills of Chase Valley, offers a versatile, functionally designed space for weddings, parties, and conferences. The farm style buildings – environmentally sensitive in design – resonate the bucolic simplicity of our rural surrounds.

Located against an indigenous backdrop, Hills Wedding Estate provides picture perfect angles for capturing unforgettable memories. Uniquely situated in close proximity to a residential area, whilst falling within a protected wild-life conservancy. The surroundings are serene and untouched, yet the location is convenient. With our hybrid solar inverter system with backup generator, we guarantee your wedding, party or conference will continue uninterrupted.

On your special day, no one wants to celebrate it in the dark.

Over and above the hybrid solar inverter system, there is a backup generator.

No need to worry about load-shedding. The lights are always on at this venue.

Create Unforgettable Memories at Hills Wedding Estate…